Pain Management Plant City – What is internal clutter? How can we de-clutter ourselves and our lives?

Spring time always brings a surge of energy with it. The plants that were dormant and gone underground all Winter burst forth with renewed life and vigor. The trees and flowers grow new, bright green leaves and shower us with beautiful flowers and scents. A look around at the wildlife will show creatures coming out of hibernation. Babies, recently born, are frolicking and learning how to live in their new world of wonder.

Humans feel it too. Often, we love to change out of our Winter wardrobes and into the brightly colored, lighter Spring fashions. The weather warms, calling us outdoors to play more. We may take a look around our homes and feel the urge to deeply clean them or perhaps even redecorate.

Pain Management Plant City

springtime rejuvenation

But what happens when you feel Spring and the desire for freshness and cleanliness, but lack the motivation, energy, or wherewithal to even begin? Some of us, are bogged so deeply down in clutter that the thought of shedding it all is overwhelming. Clutter isn’t necessarily what you might think. Sure, it may be a pile of junk on a desk in an office. It may be a closet, bursting to the brim where you cannot see the floor or shut the door. It may have taken over your entire home. Or… it may be internal clutter.

Internal clutter? Yes, that is the kind that makes us feel heavy. Not quite right. Or – even – a lot wrong. Maybe it’s dissatisfaction with where we are in life. At home. At work. In our relationships. In ourselves. It could be literal fatigue, either mental or physical (or both) that keeps you from embracing the Spring with the same vigor that the plants and animals do.

Often, we don’t even know where to begin. How do we feel better? How do we de-clutter ourselves or our lives? In practice, I have seen that nearly all mental, emotional, and physical troubles have a root cause stemming from any or all of the following factors: malnutrition, lack of physical movement, lack of contact with the earth, not enough rest, electromagnetic/chemical pollution, and chemical and/or hormonal imbalances. You’ll never feel “right” when your body and brain are out of whack. You won’t have the energy to start the transformation you seek if you don’t first take care of the root causes.

It’s simpler than you think to start on the road to recovery. First order of business, find a practitioner who will listen and ask for your whole story. It can be an MD, Acupuncturist, Holistic Doctor, or any other highly trained and licensed health professional whose focus is on whole body health and not just symptomatic treatments. Look for credentials, reviews, and a conversation with them to see if you will be a right fit for each other. Then tell them your goal. Your goal is simple. You want to be balanced nutritionally, hormonally, energetically, and physically. You and your doctor can determine what tests, if any, are applicable to you when coming up with a plan to restore balance.

Drastic measures are not needed to enact a change in the body. In fact, most extreme diets fail and the weight lost rebounds back. Most forceful exercise programs wind up injuring the body or creating more physical stress. Most prescription medications come with a lot of less than desirable side effects. Every body type is different. What works for one person may not work for you. Slow, subtle changes are less likely to set off your fight or flight mode internally and when you consistently make small changes over time, they lead to lasting results.

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