In this part of the “Learn About Acupuncture With Plant City Natural Medicine”, we will take a closer look at possible side effects of acupuncture. Here, at Plant City Acupuncture, we strive to provide you with sufficient but reliable information, so you can decide whether the treatments and approach that we offer are right for you. If so, we will be happy to help you combat health conditions that significantly decrease the quality of your life.  

What are the possible side effects of acupuncture? Plant City Natural Medicine & Pain Center explains:


It may occur, that after regular and successful acupuncture treatments, some patients may experience minor bruising around the area where the needle was inserted or a spec of blood at the entry point. We always inform our Plant City Natural Medicine Pain Clinic patients beforehand about the procedure we use and give them a step-by-step guidance through the treatment process.

The good news is, that only a small number of complications from using acupuncture in the USA have been reported. Complications that did occur, have resulted from the use of non-sterile needles and improper delivery of treatments.

However, as like with most kinds of medical treatments there are risks involved (luckily minimal with acupuncture) but improper delivery of acupuncture treatment can cause serious adverse effects including infections, punctured organs, collapsed lungs, and injury to the central nervous system.

That is why it is of an extreme importance, that you are in the right hands when choosing your acupuncturist. At Plant City Natural Medicine & Pain Center we combine expertise, experience and quality of care, in addition to an individualized approach aimed at finding the source of pain and healing for each specific patient, because every patient is unique.

Make sure that you are getting the best care and find a trusted and registered practitioner. Just like conventional (Western) medicine doctors, acupuncturists are registered to practice medicine and a good practitioner will always attentively talk through your health condition with you first before commencing any treatment.

Find out more about our Plant City Acupuncture doctor (and acupuncturist) here. We are always happy to advise you on the best treatment for your condition.

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